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The Only Compliment a Romance Writer Needs

Got feedback from another beta reader, someone who does not normally read romance but knows me personally and thus reads mine. She agreed with my executive decision to cut the out-and-out sex scene, citing its lack of necessity to the plot or their relationship, which had pre-marriage moments of passion that were (well) short of sex. Her confession: “Still, those parts of the story were just titillating enough to make me very eager to see my husband come home from his business trip!” 

Well. Hot damn. That is the best and only compliment I could hope to receive about my romance writing. My work here is done, folks.



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First first reader report is already back!

Response positive enough to make me do a happy dance at my desk. Also included very excellent macro notes that articulated something I felt in a vague way was either missing or underdeveloped from the family context surrounding the lovers. It almost makes me want to go read it! But I shall manfully resist until I have both sets of first reader noted in hand. Still. File today under Winning.

And thanks again, Lady! 🙂

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You May Now Proceed to Become Suddenly and Violently Ill

Rough draft sent to mom and first reader #1.

Nerves, do your worst.


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“A Lovely Piece of Regency Romance”

I just saw that someone took the time to review What You Will on Amazon. Five stars (yay!) and a glowing write up. I especially enjoyed the descriptors “well written” and “excellent story.”  Indeed.  I would apply those terms myself. 🙂

This is an especially nice surprise after December was my worst month EVER for sales at Amazon…it is a nadir that will be impossible to surpass (and will hopefully never be equaled!), as I had exactly no sales for the entire month. January isn’t halfway through and sales are already at previous monthly averages. BIZARRE. I can only assume the sort of people who buy my books were all overspending at Christmas time and had no money for treats for themselves. But that depressing sales report last month made this an even sweeter pleasure to find.

Slowly but surely….

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Busy Week: Another Review, 5 Hearts for What You Will

What You Will was reviewed this week over at The Romance Studio.  The novella got five hearts (out of five!) and some very kind words from the reviewer:

The author, in my opinion, hits the right balance between emotion and intellect in both the story and characters. It is also a very well written story, and for once in a short story, I do not feel as if there is something missing that really should have been mentioned.

Whole thing here.

The five hearts also means it will be eligible for the site’s “5 Heart Sweetheart Vote” on October 17.  Don’t worry, I’ll remind you about that. 🙂

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New Review of My Twelfth Night Novellas!

Or, Monday Afternoon: Like night and day from the last review

Barb over at was kind enough to review both What You Will and Twelfth Night today.  She had some very kind things to say, which is always nice to hear. Clearly she is a lady of refined taste and excellent judgment. 🙂

You can check out the entire review here, but if you just want the highlights….

From the section on What You Will:

This short little story was totally delightful. … This story rocked right along taking the reader for a little glimpse into the glittery world of a Regency romance.

And from the part on Twelfth Night (continuing the trend my beta readers set of everyone liking it a little better):

This short little story is wonderful.

These two characters in particular are very well written.

I highly recommend this book – especially to be read after What You Will. The two books serve as a great set of wonderful reads!  I look forward to anything else this author writes!

Ah, now THAT is a happy ending!


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Nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award

I think to “accept” this I have to play the meme rules*.  They are hard.  Name 15 newly discovered blogs that I would nominate? Dango Boomhaur whistle, I’m not sure I regularly read 15 blogs, much less have 15 I would recommend to everyone. So I am not really playing the game but in the spirit of being nominated I did want to offer a few pointers and shout-outs. 

First thanks to sometimes-commenter hannahkarena of the (Writer’s) Waiting Room blog for the nomination and for liking my blog here so well!  This is what she had to say about it:

Lily White LeFevre is another writing blog (noticing a theme here?) which I am very fond of.  Mostly writes about the composition process surrounding novels and full-length manuscripts.

(Which doesn’t make me sound very versatile but is an accurate assessment. 🙂 )

And in the spirit of not being an isolationist grimalkin, I will offer up the blogs I do check either day or weekly.

If you are a writer considering self-publishing:

David Gaughran Let’s Get Digital

Derek Haines’ offshoot from his Word Vandal blog (which is a humorous writer/observer blog all on its own!), The Indie Voice

Passive Guy’s Passive Voice Blog – updates multiples times daily, so I check daily.

Between these three you’ll get links to any new traditional publishing and market disruption kerfuffles going on, as well as articles from the other three big indie advisors I have encountered, Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch (The Business Rusch), and Joe Konrath. So I probably check in with all three of them on a regular basis, but it’s more on an article by article or twice-monthly to make sure I didn’t miss something schedule. 

If you are looking for some free writing to enjoy, Screen Scribbla (a regular commenter here) writes a lot of flash, poetry, and connected shorts.  Here’s a link my favorite poem he’s written, which I find truly haunting:  “Shipwreck”

Plantain Periodicals is, like me, an in-the-process writer, who I think has a thoughtful perspective on the craft.

That’s really about it for people I check in with frequently. 

It’s a short list because it is not meant to be inclusive, just a quick hitlist of blogs I check often.  I read a lot of blogs that I only visit once a month or so, or if a post gets linked to in my Twitter feed and sounds interesting. I read a lot of publishing industry perspectives, just to keep my eyes on life as the other side of the fence sees it.  I check in with relatively few “established” authors, because, honestly, few authors (at least of those I read) actually blog.  Sure, they keep a “blog” on their website, but it’s not a daily or even weekly space but rather a place for news, announcements, and op-eds.  The blogging author?  That’s a development of the new generation of writers who come to public life in the midst of social media proliferation. Hm. Expect a post on that at some point…. I check in with a lot of writers and writing blogs but, again, more on an every-couple-weeks schedule.

Thanks again to hannahkarenna for the kind words!  

*Official rules for The Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Post a link to the person who gave you the award.
  • Tell your readers seven random things about yourself.
  • Award 15 newly discovered blogs.
  • Send them a note letting them know you nominated them.


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