I am currently writing historical romance in the British Regency. I expect this will branch out at some point to include other times and places. Vague plans exist, as well, for some fantasy romance and science fiction romance–but those worlds take a bit longer to build than a strict historical setting, so they are still very much works in progress!

Stories I Am Actively Writing

This could also be termed “works Lily will be publishing in 2014.”

A novellette or novella prequel to A Christmastide Courtship, about the other Winters brother and how he came to be married before coming home from the war. Title: “A Yuletide Wedding.”

Status: Half drafted (7K of 12-15K projected).

A long novel about a gentleman who can’t help falling for a girl with a scandalous past–a match that would break his tenuous hold on respectability….

Status: Roughest of rough drafts complete, awaiting back-shifting of the opening to match the final iteration of the plot before going to beta readers.

A mid-length novel (estimated) about a man who marries his childhood friend to protect her from scandal after a life-altering attack.

Status: Approximately 18K of an estimated 75K written….

Works for Sale

My works for sale are currently all Regency romances. What You Will and Twelfth Night are companion novellas, but each can be read alone, and the stories can be read in either order. What You Will is the more light-hearted take on mistaken identity, while Twelfth Night is more serious, with jealousy and anger driving the impersonations instead of mischief and flirtation. A Christmastide Courtship is an unrelated novel, on the short side (53K, which is about category romance length as opposed to the more standard 70-90K for standalones).

What You Will: Viola Gardener is tired of living in the shadow of her vivacious twin. When her parents host a Twelfth Night masquerade, she decides to dress up as the one thing sure to catch the attention of the man of her dreams: her sister!

Find out more….

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Twelfth Night: Olivia Gardener is the toast of London. Charismatic and beautiful, she can command the attention of every man in the room—except the one she wants. But when a risqué wager threatens to end in scandal, will her old friend prove she already has his heart and save her from her own folly?

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courtship with titleA Christmastide Courtship: When his brother breaks a longstanding betrothal with their father’s ward, Piers agrees to court Catherine in his brother’s stead. Will twelve days be long enough for two old friends to fall in love?

Find out more….


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