My name is Lily White LeFevre. I am an INTJ woman, and I write romance novels that I would describe as “logical love stories.” This is my official website.

I have been writing fiction for 16 years now–I wrote my first novel at 15, in longhand, at the pace of three college-ruled pages per day, and though it was terrible and autobiographical and will never, ever, be seen again, the experience nonetheless hooked me on writing.  In the years since I have dedicated significant hours to studying how to write and how to write better.  In 2011 I decided my writing was ready for the world. For reasons relating to digital rights and royalties and my free-market ideals, I chose to publish myself before and without seeking a traditional publishing contract.

So this is the open journal of a working indie writer, and I will strive to keep that as the focus.  It’s still a wide lens, encompassing everything from inspirations, to mornings spent taking out a comma and afternoons spent putting it back again, to research, to my views of the genre and the market, to cover art, to musings on my writing process, and, of course, unofficial progress reports to keep you in the loop between official announcements.

The main reason I want to keep it fairly tight on my professional considerations is that I want to show would-be writers what I do. Not that I want to preach that my way is the only, or even best way, but rather show with transparency that writing is as much studied craft as art form, and that their doubts and frustrations and setbacks are probably not that different from what other writers experience.

The secondary reason is simply:  the fact that I’m a writer is why you’re here.  This is not a gossip site or a naked-psyche blog–you’re here because you’re interested either in my work or merely the fact that I am a writer.

So look around.  Gawk at my overstuffed bookshelves and nigh-illegible notes scattered about the desktop.  Peruse the art covering my walls and the writing advice I have framed in gilt.  Stay however long you like and come back again later.  Most of all–enjoy.

I love hearing from readers (either of my books or my blog!) Feel free to leave comments on my posts, or if you prefer private communications you can email me at lilywhitelefevre[at]gmail[dot]com.

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  1. I must say, I love the painting you have chosen for your header. Look forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂

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