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I Have a Newsletter!

I think we all remember my rant about address disclosures in commercial emails such as new release newsletters, right? (Really, who could forget?)

I finally figured out a workaround that felt acceptable to me. No, I was never able to figure out how to offer a discrete subscription to only certain announcements here on this blog, but then it hit me: WordPress doesn’t restrict me to one blog.

So I grabbed the complementary WordPress domain to my current demesne, and that will be my newsletter. Subscriptions to that blog will be separate from subscriptions to this blog. I can direct readers to it without the fear of turning them off because I post so many things that aren’t book releases.

If you want to check it out, here’s the link:

Feel free to subscribe if you want to know about my new releases – and worry you might miss the simultaneous announcements I make here. 🙂


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A Christmastide Courtship Now Available!

courtship with title

Short pitch:

When his brother breaks a longstanding betrothal with their father’s ward, Piers agrees to court Catherine in his brother’s stead. Will twelve days be long enough for two old friends to fall in love?

Click here for the proper back cover description if you missed it a few days ago!

…on Amazon and Smashwords

I expect it will be a couple weeks before the book ends up in extended distribution from Smashwords, and I might possibly have to restructure the file because of where I put the copyright statements (back matter and not front) before it will get distributed. I will update the book’s page with links to other retailers as they become available, including a print edition hopefully within a few weeks.

But for today, you can buy the book on Smashwords in any format or on Amazon for your Kindle (app). If you have found valuable advice in my blog and want to thank me, pick up a copy if you think you’d like it or send a copy to someone you know who reads romance. If you know you’re not the audience for the book, then thank me by continuing to leave intelligent and engaging comments!

Smashwords page (adult filter must be off…the book isn’t erotica; the romance standard would be “spicy” which goes up to heavy petting, but there’s a few cuss words and explicit references to sex, so I didn’t want to take any chances):

Amazon page:


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Twelfth Night Is Now Available!

Or, Working Toward the Dream, 25,000 Words at a Time

The big news today is that my second Regency romance novella Twelfth Night, companion piece to What You Will, is now available!  This time it is for sale via Smashwords and Amazon both, both at the fabulously affordable $0.99.  Amazon obviously only has the Kindle version, but Smashwords has that format (.mobi) AND all the others (including plain text and html for those of you who just want to read it like a giant webpage on your computer).  As with What You Will, in a couple weeks Twelfth Night should clear Smashwords’ distrubution channels and get into other ebook retailers like Barnes & Noble and iTunes directly.  I will update accordingly. 

I will have an excerpt up tomorrow, or you can read the first 15% on Smashwords or some unstated but no doubt similar percent on Amazon without having to purchase.  In the meantime, here is the premise of Twelfth Night:

Olivia Gardener is the toast of London.  Charismatic and beautiful, she can command the attention of every man in the room—except the one she wants.  But when a risqué wager threatens to end in scandal, will her old friend prove she already has his heart and save her from her own folly?

This story is a little bit more dramatic than What You Will, which was mostly sweet, so if you read the first and wanted more angst, or passed because it seemed too fluffy, this might be more to your taste.  But if you liked WYW, I am sure you’ll like this one just as much or more…all my test readers did!

As ever, thanks for reading!


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What You Will Is Available on Smashwords

As a trial run for getting my next ebook out through more channels than just Amazon, I went ahead and put What You Will through the “meatgrinder” on that enables it to be distributed through every major ebook retailer/format, as well as Smashwords directly.  It went easily–a lot more easily than some of the other independent authors out there have complained about, probably because I am not a snob who hates MS Word and refuses to work in it, nor am I a luddite who tries to make MS Word work like a typewriter with five spaces instead of a first-line indent or hitting return at the end of each line.

So, the upshot is, if you don’t have a Kindle but want to read my book, you can download it in any imaginable digital format (including simply .html to read like a 22,000-word webpage if you have no ereader but your computer and don’t want to bother with an ereader app-for-your-PC) at smashwords.  I will update on other channels once it appears in them (like Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc.–most of them have a 2-week lag time).

The other good news is I went ahead and did all the formatting on Twelfth Night so it will be 5 minutes of my time Tuesday to get it rolled out on time for my scheduled July 20 release.

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Official Announcement: Twelfth Night Release Date Set

Exciting news!  I will be releasing my next ebook, Twelfth Night, the companion novella to What You Will, on July 20, which is Wednesday of next week, I believe.

This time around it will not just be available on Amazon but also as many of the other ebook outlets I am aware of and can figure out how to format for.  Obviously there will be a full list, with links, once everything is in place.

This will also be the time when What You Will expands its distribution to the same list of other ebook retailers. 

I will be posting the cover art and a scene next week.  Tomorrow, another project will be unveiled so I highly recommend checking back to see what on earth it could be….

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The Social Network

Or, I Gave in to the Realities of 2011 and Got a Twitter Handle

And I plan to use it. I already am. You can follow me there @lilylefevre

Sadly my full name was too long.  I know, I cried too. 

Not familiar with Twitter?  It’s basically facebook status and links only.  Good for hit and run updates and jokes. I plan to use it for links and jokes.  Be prepared.

And follow me!

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“What You Will” Is Now Available for Amazon Kindle*

*More formats could be forthcoming if there is a demand (let me know if you want it for non-Kindle ereader or a print-on-demand format!  Numbers speak).

Or, “Let the Hyperventilating Begin”

I hit “publish” on my first ebook, What You Will, this morning in order to give Amazon their “up to 24 hours to process” it and still have it out by morning of my stated release day, June 1.  A few minutes ago one of my besties texted me to say she found it available.  So, it’s official.  I am a published author!

I am aglow with giddiness right now, but this morning I was as nervous as I was excited, or perhaps more, and I half-expect that to come creeping back once I start sending out review copies to various romance sites and blogs. 

Why?  I know that I have enjoyed rereading what I wrote.  I know that I have not changed a word or spotted a typo in three or four reading passes.  There is apparently nothing I would change about my story or my characters.

But…I am a mass of anxiety when I consider my work being completely available to the public. 

I think it’s simply part of being a writer.  It doesn’t matter how many pieces I finish, it seems; I will write the last word, and think, “Okay, that was good,” and be happy with it, and yet the second I hit send on an email to anyone—even my mother, who I know will love everything I write—I get nervous.  I second-guess my own taste level.  I worry about things like too much sex, or not enough sex, or some gaping plot hole that I couldn’t see for falling into it, or….

These are not true fears, in the sense that I think they have substance.  They are simply the ineluctable human fear of standing naked before an audience and being found wanting…the natural reaction to feeling exposed and vulnerable. 

In real life I would make a joke of it, and pass it off.

I’m not sure how to make a joke of my one big dream.  So I won’t try.  Instead I will say:



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