Essentially a reblog from…someone, somewhere on the internet. One of my pagan friends sent it to me, and I am haunted by this image. Both the literal image – because, wow, does that Photoshop (that has to be a composite/art piece, right?) capture the feeling of late fall, when everything has died but not yet been covered in snow – and the figurative image of the between-time.

The emptiness between.

The time when everything is dead, but the obvious period of rest/renewal hasn’t yet started. I feel like that’s where I am living right now. So I have to live through this time, and there is no more a way to make it any shorter than there is to make November shorter.

The best way out of hell is through the other side. So here I am. Between.


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Pride’s Children, Book 1

Or, My Friend Wrote a Book and It’s Awesome!

This is a post I have been looking forward to writing for over a year (though not, it should be noted, nearly as long as my friend had been looking forward to posting that her book was published!). My friend and fellow writer Alicia – ABE as she often appears in the comments here – recently published her first novel on Amazon. She very bravely posted it on her blog scene by scene, every Tuesday for many weeks, and I, reading along, therefore had the pleasure of being a beta reader. Not that she needed much beta help…she planned as meticulously as JK Rowling and didn’t have to do the kind of wholecloth rewriting that’s been plaguing my writing lately.

The novel – well, really series, because book 1 only reaches beyond lit-fic because of the prologue – is in the crossroads of literary fiction and romance. It’s a love story, but. Very character-driven, very slow burn, very subtle. I loved it. The characters are rich and real. The scenes build upon one another with clear purpose. The writing is exquisitely careful.

If you like women’s fiction, lit-fic, or character-driven romance, you need to read this book. Like yesterday. Go get it!


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Goodbye Song

Roger Creager is a Texas Country country singer I found in college, probably while searching for bootleg .mp3s of Roger Clyne concerts on Napster or whatever the hell filesharing program we were using in those days. I wonder what Roger (Creager) is up to these days. Man, I should really look him up.

Anyway. This song of his I always particularly enjoyed, because it is kind of meta, and the fact that it’s both meta and super country was an amusing divergence that he somehow makes work. Also because his voice is rich and warm and comforting when he’s singing ballads, and that quality is really on display with this stripped down little song. I just want to wrap myself up in his voice like its a blanket, and snuggle in deep. The words aren’t profoundly written, and neither is the emotional moment described, but yet in gestalt it is powerful, and was even when I wasn’t living in this moment. I think because he captures perfectly that moment of letting go. It’s a little sad, a little hopeful, a little confused, a little resigned. It’s exactly what you feel at the moment you really say goodbye. It’s Ted letting go of the red balloon that is Robin.

I have had this song in my heart lately. Thought I’d share it with all of y’all. Also Roger Creager’s awesome. I should really go see what he’s up to these days.

Tonight I didn’t feel much like writing a song, but I guess I needed something to sing along. Something that I could sing and I could cry to. A song to help me say goodbye to you.

Yeah, I guess I finally said goodbye to you.


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Overdue update

Sorry for the long silence. It’s gonna be hit and miss with posts here for a while. I am (as some of you know and the rest of you can probably guess from my post directly previous to this) in the middle of a serious life upheaval. Time and energy for blogging are in short supply.

Writing update: The part of me where the words come from dove off a cliff into the abyss of my soul on Labor Day and has yet to climb back out. I am certain it will, sometime, somewhere, but I am not psychologically in a place to force it or even attempt to throw it a rope. It’ll come back when it comes back. I am focusing on things other than writing right now.

So where does that leave this blog, since it’s a writing blog but I’m not writing, and I said a long time ago it was never going to be an open diary confessional type of space?

Reviews, article type posts, and probably a fair amount of reflections about art and media and their role in life and emotional processing and so on and so forth. In a word: stuff.

I have three four different posts started in other tabs as I finish typing this one. Perhaps I will get back to them sooner than later and actually start posting semi-regularly again. And if not – well, at least y’all know why the lights have gone out in Georgia.


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The Bridge

The bridge was built of quarried stone

Across a river wild

Its sleepy arch would be at home

O’er Venetian canals


We carved out every rock ourselves

And placed them all by hand

Strong enough to face forever

That was what we planned


We built the bridge together

Thought it would stand forever

It crumbled into slivers

And I’m drowning in the river


The rocks are made of memories

Experiences shared

Some of yours and some of mine

And some we made in pairs


We built the bridge together

Thought it would stand forever

It crumbled into slivers

And I’m drowning in the river


There are no pictures of our bridge

It was only in our heads

It spanned the gap from you to me

But only in my head


We never stopped to check for weeds

For cracked or missing rocks

We put our feet up on the banks

Assuming we were strong


Time has all the time it needs

To wear down anything

Now all that’s left is a memory

Of a bridge that used to be


We built the bridge together

Thought it would stand forever

It crumbled into slivers

And I’m drowning in the river


It fell apart beneath me

I’m drowning in the river


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Just a quick word to say I’m still here.

I’m still stuck in the mud, though I have a nerdgineered plan for getting out. Just have to test it before I can know if it will work.

In the meantime: probably going to stay quiet here unless I have a true update or a big essay post. I am working on several of the latter. It might be the way I roll with this blog for a while, since I seem to have so little time/energy even for quick little thoughts.

We’ll see.

How’s your weekend, my lovely?

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I am still stuck in the middle of the middle of this story. I think my subconscious is just taking its time to work through some things. Basically what I am struggling with is what I have always struggled with on this story – getting a handle on the whole thing in my mind at once. It’s like the magnitudes of magnification skip over what I need, where I can see all of it at once but in enough detail to be useful. It’s either too close or too far out.

One of the issues I did notice is that all the side characters who come up important for the end of the story had gotten pushed out of the middle. They don’t just disappear from the hero and heroine’s lives, so why did they disappear from the page?

Another issue I have found is a bit more of a major one: why, exactly, do the hero and heroine fall in love? I think most of what’s really got me held up is that I don’t have a good answer. I knew in the first draft that their dynamic was a little lacking, but I figured by the time I got to the end and then cycled back, I’d have a better grasp of why everything happens between them and therefore how to focus the view on that a little better. Apparently I am still in the same boat of not knowing everything that happens therefore not knowing exactly what threads to pull to the front.

I feel like my imagination went mudding and got stuck. Waiting for the tow truck, or the surge of desperate ingenuity that will show me how to dig myself out.

mud meme


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