2016: A Checklist

  1. Get divorced
  2. Sell the house
  3. Move home
  4. Clock my last day working as someone else’s employee – be it when I leave my current job to move, or 6 months after I move in with family and save as much of my salary at a new job as I can to afford a period without steady income
  5. Formally start my own business (website up, registered as LLC – to be done only after I am divorced and back in the state where I will be living for the foreseeable future)
  6. Finish updating my wardrobe (a process I started last spring, and am about halfway done with)
  7. Figure out the proper make-up to go with my various magic lipsticks (file this one under shit my mother should have taught me, but couldn’t because she’s not that sort of woman)
  8. Find at least a couple scents to start my “perfume wardrobe” (perfume/added scent is an aspect of femininity I specifically eschewed because my ex mister gets migraines easily, sometimes triggered by fragrance, and specifically asked that I not use perfume)
  9. Finish writing Anything But a Gentleman (even if it means re-writing from the top yet again…god forbid)
  10. Write at least one non-romance short story, because the ones I’ve written previously are what I consider my best work, and I never meant to stop working in that direction


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2 responses to “2016: A Checklist

  1. Writing goals down vastly increases the probability that they will get accomplished. Great list – great start.

    • “Well begun is half done!”

      I feel like it’s a good list of practical what-next steps, personal growth (in terms of actualizing myself as an adult woman in a few ways I never really had…on that front my relationship kind of trapped me in transition from girl to woman since it started when i was 19), and creative goals – along with one really important dream! But a do-able list if I keep working at it.

      Onward and upward.

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