The Unread Map

For the first time since all of this life upheaval started, I felt today a glimmer of excitement about the fact that I don’t know what comes next. The map of my past is filled in, explored as thoroughly as I care to, and spreads out behind the X labeled “You are here.” Until now the lack of terrain features on the map ahead of me was creating anxiety and fear, not interest or excitement. But I am finally in a place where the lack of certainty is exciting and not frightening. I have hopes for what lies ahead, certainly, and I have things I am capable of actualizing to give me some sense of obstacles to come, but the actual landscape? Unknown. Unpredictable. And, at long last, Undaunting.



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2 responses to “The Unread Map

  1. Hope there are good prospects for gold in them thar hills – you sound more chipper than you did just a while back, and I’m glad to hear that.

    I wish you an adventure ahead that doesn’t hurt, and people to share it with.

    • Thank you! Can’t imagine a better blessing to take with me into the unknown 🙂

      And I am definitely feeling better than I was a couple months ago. Limbo has been useful for time and space to do some healing, if nothing else

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