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Not Yet Integrated Countdown

The new graft point dropped the number of words not yet integrated into my revision from 90K to 75K. Considering that I am already at 30K, the prospect of adding 75 is much better than that of adding 90. Alas that even the 75 is really going to be, in aggregate, adding about 50K of previously written words and writing 25K new ones because the first version wasn’t right.

There is a segment of the darling section I’m debating keeping in. I don’t think that I will, because I don’t see the narrative function that it serves, but reading back through it, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Perhaps it can be a “deleted scene” that I can post somewhere (here, probably) as an extra to the book when it comes out.

I thought I had it in me to write the next scene tonight, but I made the mistake of reading the not one but two prior iterations of it, and now they are reverberating inside my head too loudly for the actual character voices I was hearing before to be intelligible.

If I want to finish by the end of the month I have to integrate about 2500 words per night, inclusive of any rewriting. Ten thousand word deletion sprees are easier.



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Romance Novelist Whinge: Problematic Sex Scene Requires Fourth Re-Write

This is another of those posts where I am tempted to just leave it at the title.

In the never-ending novel revision project (never-ending because I am writing it 100 words at a session, and I have like…17,000 words to go), I am up to the first sex scene. And I’m writing it for the fourth time. Which, I dunno, maybe sounds like a lot of fun? It’s not. At all.

See, the first sex scene is basically the inciting incident for the whole rest of the book, so it happens REALLY early on. Like first chapter early. And it isn’t necessarily meant to be a sexy, hot sex scene. But I don’t want it to not be at all sexy, either, because it’s in the part of the book that would be in a sample download, and something that’s too either analytic or bad (in the sense of bad sex, not a bad sex scene, which are not the same thing!) might turn off (heh) readers who are trying out my work for the first time. So, since plot-wise what matters is that the hero and heroine have sex by mistake (it’s complicated), not what kind of sex they have, I would prefer it to be at least moderately good sex and a moderately good sex scene.

Hence writing it four (or more – God forbid) times.

The first time it was waaaaaaaay too long and involved and tender. The second run swung too far in the other direction, and it was just too abrupt and selfish (on the hero’s part) and not fun to read (there was spit involved. It’s funny in a Joe Abercrombie book…not so much a full-on romance). The third time did a better job with pacing and mood, but was still a bit too ornate and also hinged on a revelation I decided the heroine does not make. Or, rather, one she makes but the hero misunderstands – it’s just one more part in their ongoing conversation where one says a thing and the other hears something different.

I’ve got the fourth version started; it’s written up to the end of the heroine’s POV section, and I will be able to use the intercourse section of the third version (also heroine), so I just need the hero’s perspective for the bit in between. I haven’t had a good block of time to sit down and write it, and I will say from experience here, that sex scenes really do read best when they are written pretty much in one go and gotten on the first take. Like, I can’t write this section in 100-word increments and expect to get a workable scene.

Coitus Imaginus Interruptus is the fucking worst.


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I Know How Many Teeth Have Dragons



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Is This…Writing? How Does It Count?

A week for rhetorical question post titles, I see.

Right.  So I’m working toward the end of my novel in progress.  And, y’all, I am effing close.  I have about eight mini-arcs to bring in and wrap into the rest, including the climax and denouement. My outline is sketchy at twelve specific scenes, because it might still be more like fifteen scenes. It’s the never-ending outline! But all the same, the end is nigh.

I have about half of what’s left pre-written. Today I went through and bridged about three of those pre-written sections to my narrative text, so my forward progress kind of leapt exponentially with a very small outlay of mental effort. It felt…like cheating.

I mean, I know I wrote those words.  The effort to get them down had already been expended. But there was a weird sense of non-accomplishement even though I moved my narrative forward by so many scenes, just because the amount of words I had to write today to do it were so few.

I am glad that I don’t have the ending pre-written. I don’t actually know what the final scene of the book is going to be yet. I am glad about this because I want to feel like I accomplished something when I type the last word. I know I will feel like I accomplished a great deal, tomorrow, when I look at how far I got today. But today it feels…like the work was too easy.

Oh, well. Tomorrow it will be back to beating my muse into submission with a vague scene directive of “hero’s sister’s first ball.”

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