Twelfth Night: a Regency novella

Olivia Gardener is the golden girl of the ton. She has more suitors than she knows what to do with, an unflappable confidence, and a ready scheme for everything.

Or so she would have everyone believe.

The truth is that the number of Olivia’s suitors is short by one—the one man she has ever really wanted, and the one man who has ever rejected her: Francis Cartwright, Viscount Mabry, the son her father never had.

Francis is more than just Olivia’s secret crush. He is also her twin sister’s de facto fiancée.

How can Olivia steal her sister’s happiness?

But how can she let the man she loves go, even for the sake of her sister?

The one part of Olivia’s public persona that’s true is her mischievousness, and her conflicting emotions drive her to make a scandalous wager at her parents’ Twelfth Night masquerade. The evening could well end in a forced engagement…she just doesn’t know to whom. Will Francis finally come to his senses and rescue her from her own folly? Or has Olivia just cast away every chance at happiness on a fool’s wager?

♥ ♥ ♥

Read the first scene!

Available as an ebook only (for now) via:


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