Overdue update

Sorry for the long silence. It’s gonna be hit and miss with posts here for a while. I am (as some of you know and the rest of you can probably guess from my post directly previous to this) in the middle of a serious life upheaval. Time and energy for blogging are in short supply.

Writing update: The part of me where the words come from dove off a cliff into the abyss of my soul on Labor Day and has yet to climb back out. I am certain it will, sometime, somewhere, but I am not psychologically in a place to force it or even attempt to throw it a rope. It’ll come back when it comes back. I am focusing on things other than writing right now.

So where does that leave this blog, since it’s a writing blog but I’m not writing, and I said a long time ago it was never going to be an open diary confessional type of space?

Reviews, article type posts, and probably a fair amount of reflections about art and media and their role in life and emotional processing and so on and so forth. In a word: stuff.

I have three four different posts started in other tabs as I finish typing this one. Perhaps I will get back to them sooner than later and actually start posting semi-regularly again. And if not – well, at least y’all know why the lights have gone out in Georgia.



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2 responses to “Overdue update

  1. You will resume writing when you are ready, and not a minute before.

    Content is appreciated, but not if it costs too much!

    It is a gift of love and participation in the online community, but it comes from the soul, and sometimes the soul need not to give it out quite then.

  2. Wait…you killed your brother’s wife and her lover without me? E, we’ve talked about this. No revenge killing without your bestie there to have your back! 😉 Love you! The words will come back when they’re meant to. I can guarantee it from personal experience. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger, right?

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