I am still stuck in the middle of the middle of this story. I think my subconscious is just taking its time to work through some things. Basically what I am struggling with is what I have always struggled with on this story – getting a handle on the whole thing in my mind at once. It’s like the magnitudes of magnification skip over what I need, where I can see all of it at once but in enough detail to be useful. It’s either too close or too far out.

One of the issues I did notice is that all the side characters who come up important for the end of the story had gotten pushed out of the middle. They don’t just disappear from the hero and heroine’s lives, so why did they disappear from the page?

Another issue I have found is a bit more of a major one: why, exactly, do the hero and heroine fall in love? I think most of what’s really got me held up is that I don’t have a good answer. I knew in the first draft that their dynamic was a little lacking, but I figured by the time I got to the end and then cycled back, I’d have a better grasp of why everything happens between them and therefore how to focus the view on that a little better. Apparently I am still in the same boat of not knowing everything that happens therefore not knowing exactly what threads to pull to the front.

I feel like my imagination went mudding and got stuck. Waiting for the tow truck, or the surge of desperate ingenuity that will show me how to dig myself out.

mud meme



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3 responses to “Mudding

  1. Why people fall in love and/or decide to spend their lives together creating a family, etc., IS the eternal question.

    Good luck – but you will figure it out, and add to the knowledge of how that happens. This is the purpose of fiction: to make writers decipher the vicissitudes of life, and forewarn others.

    Enjoy the process. You’ll get there.

    • Thanks 😉

      I am happy with what i’ve got so far, so i am ahead of where i was at this point on draft 1. But it’s the same question that haunts all of romance: is there a reason these two fall for each other as opposed to any other decent person put in the same circumstances with them? Which is not to say that legitimate love can’t happen that way, but it’s not special. Proximity and opportunity is not a satisfactory answer to that age-old question.

      • So what is so special about each that the other NEEDS them? Even very ordinary people have good stories about what they saw in each other. I love to tell people I married my sailing instructor, which is literally true – and completely misleading.

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