My Muse, the Parselmouth

Sunday I was trying to write while my baby napped. I ended up taking a nap, too. As you can see, either my muse is back passed out in a gutter somewhere…or he’s a Parselmouth. I guess if it’s the latter, I really am a Slytherin?




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2 responses to “My Muse, the Parselmouth

  1. The obstetrician told my mother: if that baby sleeps, YOU sleep. Take care to get enough – it is hard with a baby and a job and a writing career.

    • LOL well clearly i needed to nap! Little man sleeps well enough at night that i usually don’t need to catch up during the day…until it’s time to write, of course, and then my brain is all “we have better things to do, zzzz”

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