The Other Shoe

A series of texts between me and my first reader, who has been getting sections of the new draft to read as I finish them.

Me: So I was skimming the next few chapters…I have this sinking feeling I’m gonna be rewriting more of this motherfucker than I thought.

Firstie: LOL, it won’t be so bad.

Me: Well, maybe it will at least be fun. That’s pretty much what was missing, any sense of fun. No wonder it was so hard to write the first time, LOL

Firstie: Yeah, and now you seem like you really know where you’re headed.

Me: Welllll…I WAS headed to the point I just reached. Only problem is I don’t like the look of the highway I thought I was gonna merge onto. So I think I’ll keep driving…but now I don’t know to where.

And that, ladies and gent’s, pretty much sums up the second shoe dropping. If I am not at a merge point but rather at a second divergence, and one that I haven’t really plotted out yet, then I have no real idea how much further I have to go on this book. If I have to write the entirety of Act II from scratch it’ll be another goddamned five months probably.

I dunno. It may only be a few more scenes than I originally thought that nee to be re-written versus tidied. But I just have this feeling….


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5 responses to “The Other Shoe

  1. The only problem with continually improving as a writer is that your standards keep rising – and you have to keep working on things like this: you and your gut know there’s something that needs attention. You also know that it will be SO much better, and that the other way wouldn’t have been your best work.

    It proves indies are not hacks – in case you had any worries there, which you shouldn’t.

    It’ll resolve itself, it will be better, and you will be happy with the results.

    How do I know this? Because you wouldn’t be writing about this otherwise.

    Go for it.

    • Well i have no idea if my situation proves indies aren’t hacks – just that i’m not. 🙂

      I am capable of genuinely abandoning a work, but not releasing work that is not the best i could do at the time into the wild.

      Funny thing is, i don’t even know if this situation is due to my skills improving or just a testament to how poorly i planned this project from the outset.

      I will say…if i do end up having to rewrite the whole thing, that i had to hide that from myself with these “it’s just the first third!” (and now “it’s just the mushy middle!”) platitudes, or i would have just scrapped the whole damn thing. LOL

      • There’s a reason you are not scrapping this – and addressing it pieces at a time is a smart way for your brain to keep you from getting too discouraged.

        Even if you were to abandon it, you are learning something necessary. I sense you are NOT going to abandon it, though – too much commitment.

      • Well at this point i’m def too invested (and close to getting it!) to just give up. The just giving up would have come before these 35,000 new words if it was going to. I do think i’ve uncovered the reason i put this revision off for two years, though!

      • Ask your subconscious; it knows – put the question out there (if you care), and wait.

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