A Long Lost Story and a Reader HEA

Or, In which I write a love letter to Gail Dayton

Today is a day I feel particularly grateful for frictionless self-publishing.

Five years ago…back when I had a Borders on my commute home from work and would pop in on a semi-regular basis for new reads, I found a book on the shelf that immediately intrigued me. The title was Heart’s Blood, by Gail Dayton. It was a paranormal romance but a Steampunky one, before that became a trend, and a rare paranormal in that it didn’t have a single damned vampire in the book. I gave it a try and loved it. Loved every page. Immediately ordered the first book in the series, New Blood (different couple with almost no overlap, so zero issues reading out of order), and loved that one, too. I eagerly looked up any sequels – there was to be a third. Yessssssss!

But Heart’s Magic never got a solid publication date, and it never came out, and it never came out. I kept checking Amazon every few months for the release date. For three years I did this. Then I saw the author make a comment about having gotten the rights back after the publisher essentially decided to just not publish the book, and that she was going to self-publish it. That took a much longer time than I expected, too, and apparently she almost didn’t publish it, but finally everything came together like she wanted, and it’s out today, and if I could have called in sick so I could stay home and read it while my child is at daycare I would have.

I am sad that I had to wait so many years to get this story, but ecstatic that I actually get to read the ending to this trilogy. I literally teared up at my desk the day I saw her Tweet listing the release date. I had almost given up.

If the drop from publisher had happened 10 years ago, and not 5, would the author have bothered to fight for her rights back in order to self-pub, or would it be sitting under lock and key in the publisher’s office, never to be read by anyone?

I don’t know that I am the only person who has been waiting for this book. I hope I’m not, because I would love to see Ms. Dayton do very well with it, well enough to want to write more (either in this world or a different one). But even if I am the only person who’s been waiting…I get my HEA as a reader. I GET TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

For the interested, Heart’s Magic can be found on Amazon here!



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3 responses to “A Long Lost Story and a Reader HEA

  1. Scary – because that has been the fate of MANY planned trilogies and series. If the sales drop (often because of the publisher’ own bad marketing choices), the authors had no recourse at all – and the readers got the shaft.

    It can still happen when writers publish themselves – all kinds of things get in the way of plans – but it sure cuts out a lot of the ones which were not the author’s choice.

    Enjoy your book.

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