Not Yet Integrated Countdown

The new graft point dropped the number of words not yet integrated into my revision from 90K to 75K. Considering that I am already at 30K, the prospect of adding 75 is much better than that of adding 90. Alas that even the 75 is really going to be, in aggregate, adding about 50K of previously written words and writing 25K new ones because the first version wasn’t right.

There is a segment of the darling section I’m debating keeping in. I don’t think that I will, because I don’t see the narrative function that it serves, but reading back through it, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Perhaps it can be a “deleted scene” that I can post somewhere (here, probably) as an extra to the book when it comes out.

I thought I had it in me to write the next scene tonight, but I made the mistake of reading the not one but two prior iterations of it, and now they are reverberating inside my head too loudly for the actual character voices I was hearing before to be intelligible.

If I want to finish by the end of the month I have to integrate about 2500 words per night, inclusive of any rewriting. Ten thousand word deletion sprees are easier.



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7 responses to “Not Yet Integrated Countdown

  1. This is the kind of weather where you can go all out – no frozen pipes and people to deal with, less likelihood of many illnesses, longer days.

    Take the time to do things well – it takes what it takes.

    But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with writing quickly when you know where you’re going – go for it. Tell the inner critic to take a hike.

    • Ha ha, yes ma’am.

      I am less concerned about making this draft perfect – it’s still got to go to betas, i may still have massive rewrites – and more concerned with keeping it in line with the actual narrative voice and flow i have established on round 2. Those 75k just have to be converted into a tone consistent with the new opening (the original ending i think is, bc i found this voice at some point in the last 30k of the first draft), streamlined to kill all references to evicted subplots, and have the relationship developed in a different way vis a vis the same plot interactions. “just.” but there are likely scenes or even chapters i’ll be able to leave as is. I just don’t know how many 🙂

  2. It sounds as if it has gelled into something coherent – which means the extraneous pieces become a lot more evident, and can be chopped off (and saved).

    It is a good point to be at. I get to it for every scene – and then the actual final writing goes more easily.

    • Yep, gelling into something coherent is what it’s finally done. I can’t inagine having to do this scene by scene every time! I am determined that all future stories are tightly constructed going in. Fuck this pantsing.

      • Welcome to the dark side, little one.


        There IS a good part: you cut like crazy AS you’re writing, but don’t get to the end and have to throw out a lot of good stuff – or rewrite to fit a new paradigm, which can be a royal pain.

        Structure FREES you, and makes sure the skyscraper has women’s bathrooms on the 99th floor, too.

        For the record: I have nothing against pantsers but admiration. I just can’t write that way.

      • Girlfriend, whatchoo mean “welcome?” Welcome BACK, maybe! This was my first time writing without a solid outline…not for me. This rewriting shot is waaaaaaaay more work than just doing it right the first time!

      • As so many things in life. Welcome back.

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