Subplots Falling Like Flies

I am up to 30,000 words on the revision of Anything But a Gentleman and very nearly at an end of the sections I will have to write from scratch. As in, the next scene or two I write might well be the last. Thank God.

I had a thought a week or two ago while driving to work, about more events that could simply be cut out in order to streamline the narrative a little better. It took a bit of mulling on the matter and rolling the new vision around in my head for a few days, but ultimately I realized that I had a darling in my sights. I could shoot to kill without regret.

It was a short intuitive leap from there to realizing that a whole sequence of events that took place basically at the point of integration for old beginning/new beginning were pretty contrived (“plotted”) happenstances rather than natural and organic occurrences that led from what came before. When I took them away and grafted the new beginning to a point a little later on, like a surgeon cutting out a diseased piece of intestine, everything still made sense and still worked – in fact it worked better. The revised sequence of events was cleaner, tighter, and kept the focus a little better on the couple.

I will say that re-thinking the transition between Act I and Act II made me realize how much work I still have to do on the hero and heroine’s interactions and relationship-building, but in a good way. I am both excited to work on those scenes and excited for what enhancement means to the story overall. This story really was one I had to construct all wrong in order to comprehend enough to construct right.

I had meant to cease work on this and start work on the project I mentioned last post in June. Well, today is May 31. I feel like I had a breakthrough today, and I am loath to squander that. I am sure I’ll find new shoals to wreck on soon enough, eh?



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4 responses to “Subplots Falling Like Flies

  1. You’re writing and you’re thinking and you had a breakthrough – all great things. Those breakthroughs are the special gifts that make it all worthwhile. It doesn’t feel as if you’re actually working hard on the story, but you are, deep inside your brain (which neglects to tell the conscious you – because it’s too BUSY).

    If we didn’t have those periods where everything falls together, I, for one, couldn’t write.

    You have choices! And either is good, and you can switch from one to the other if necessary. All this while doing everything else – pretty amazing. So glad to hear progress – and the light tone in your blog post.

    • Yes, the ole subconscious definitely does its best work out of sight!

      And you’re right – i don’t have to work on one project at the exclusion of another (or all others). Mostly with the non-Lily project I fear tonal creep because that voice is so specific and consuming, and i don’t want it to bleed over into the current WIP and necessitate yet more rewrites. I do feel the best course is to finish this one and then do the other, but i have a time crunch. End of summer for the other. Self-imposed but absolute. Maybe this one will finally give me a break and slip easily together when i finally line up the joins, and then be easy and fast to integrate and refine!

      “If wishes were horses,” Robbie said. She could muster no comment to refute it.

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