The Mama Bear Edit

This novel is going to require a second editing pass – both a proper line-edit, and also a putting back in maybe a little bit of what I am taking out. I feel like I am cutting almost as much as I am keeping, and though that’s an exaggeration by the numbers, it still feels weird to highlight entire paragraphs and hit “delete.”

I realized tonight that in my first draft I put way too much in, and in this draft I am taking out a lot, maybe even too much. Making this revision the Mama Bear edit. The rough draft was Daddy Bear, which is everything too much. Now I am doing everything too little.

Guess that means draft three (post line-edit) will be my Goldilocks draft, not too much and not too little but juuuuust right.


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  1. The final draft should be rich, like oatmeal with cream and brown sugar.

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