Cover Talk – Australia > U.S., Joanna Bourne Edition

I don’t feel like I need to add much to the title, except to reiterate how obnoxious I find the “sexy” covers so prevalent in U.S. romance cover art. I basically don’t look at books that have covers like this – and always look at books with covers like the Australia edition. The man-titty tells me it’s a sex-romp in which the relationship will be based primarily on the physical, which means I will find it unsatisfying, while the fully dressed woman in roughly accurate historical costume tells me the book is character-focused, which means I’m more likely to find it satisfying.




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2 responses to “Cover Talk – Australia > U.S., Joanna Bourne Edition

  1. What – men running around in shirts open to the waist all the time (or worse, missing) isn’t ‘roughly accurate historical costume’? For shame.

    The new passion for bare chests (on men) requires most men to go have the hair removed. Usually waxed off? Painful.

    • hilariously – any historical precedents for men running around shirtless are NOT the men historical romance novels get written about.

      and yeah – the only thing worse than man titty on the cover is waxed man titty. any man who cares that much about his pecs is no man for me.

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