All Set

It took a lot of finagling and hair-pulling, but I finally have my computer set up the way I want it. I ended up uninstalling MS Office 2013 and installing 2010, which if I had known I could activate on more than one device to begin with I would never have bought 2013 at all. Ugh. The sticking point for me with 2013 is their insistence on the creation of a Microsoft Account and its attendant cloud storage of all files to “back them up.” Nope. Not gonna happen, and the more you try to bully me into it, the more likely I am to delete all your fucking programs and go completely open-source software.

Speaking of open-source software, I am happy to report that I did not lose any of my hard-won GIMP skills in the 10 months since I have worked with the program, and mastered a new task quite easily with only a minimal tutorial; I think I am at last working within the logic of the program. Project at hand: I am finally working on the new covers for my Twelfth Night novellas, for which I took photographs last December and which I have not yet had (made) the time to put together. I won’t get them finished tonight – still have to do all the typography, which will be its own brand of hell, I think, given I need a way to create linking elements between these two and A Christmastide Courtship (which cover I need to tweak, so the sticking point is creating the common element rather than just implementing one already in place) – but I am pretty pleased with the overall look and feel for them so far.

After I redo all the covers I am going to redo all the ebook files. Christmastide has a few typos I found on a re-read over the summer, plus the formatting on the Amazon version came out with wonky paragraph spacing, and the novellas were completely bare-bones presentations to begin with. I may only be able to work in drips and drabs right now, but these are projects made big by a long list of tasks, not because they are single tasks that take long stretches of concentration…thus they are highly suitable for evenings after work and baby-tending.

I have not been writing much since my last posts. Hard to say if the words have dried up, as I simply haven’t had time, or the mental energy the few times I’ve had time. Baby went through another sleep regression where he wakes 1-2x per night, and so unless I’ve gone to bed with him at 7, I am simply too exhausted to get up and write before work, and always too tired to try in the evenings. Plus I had a minor sewing commission and a big family visit. And this week is the big week when baby starts day care full time and the family-nanny departs, and suddenly I will have to find time/energy for ALL the household chores instead of just some of them.

On the bright side – husband and I are leaning very strongly towards relocating to the countryside, and one of the benefits therein would be my not having to work outside of the home. No plans are made, so this might still be a year or even two off, but the possibility heartens me on the days I am burned out on being a working mom.



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2 responses to “All Set

  1. Good to hear from you – whenever you manage to write. And GIMP skills? I am green! I’m trying to find the mental energy to learn Pixelmator – though I did a quick cover with it for Wattpad. It feels so slippery when I play with it – where’s my MacPaint?

    • Hi! *waves*

      I have actually never used ANY real photo editing program, so I have nothing really to “miss” the same way as you do when you’ve used something in the past and have to learn a new one. Then again, my mama-in-law who used to teach this stuff was laughing at me for struggling so much with GIMP – she seemed to think it was pretty similar to Photoshop, if one is intimately familiar with it.

      I am hoping to get back into a better groove with writing, including blogging…baby seems to be settling back down into a decent sleep pattern which means mommy gets restful night of sleep instead of a series of naps. 🙂 Hope you are well. Hope finishing the book is going smoothly!!! I can’t wait to read it….

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