A Thought

Writing in this piecemeal way is turning this novel into a play: dialogue, free of all encumbrance of description, and the barest of stage directions.

“Your talk of postscripts makes me sad. Let us dance, if we aim to.”
[they dance]

Literally how I just wrote (“wrote”) that scene. Clearly everything composed in this between-computers and between-drafts period will have to be rewritten later. What joy is mine.

At least slogging through all the narrative signals is easier when I know exactly what needs to be there and am not trying to envision the scene as I go….



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2 responses to “A Thought

  1. You’re working out the pieces – it has to be done some time, so why not now? When you get to the writing, it will be like coming home.

    • Very true. And often when I am filling in the gaps like that, it’s easier than I think it will be when I’m writing the pieces and can’t think of a damn word of description or grounding or physical detail, lol

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