I Myself Am Often Surprised at Life’s Little Quirks

One more post about pregnancy, LOL. Thought I was done until birth…not quite.

I was just thinking today, in light of reaching 40 weeks and getting another prod from my doctor about considering induction because I shouldn’t go “overdue” with GD (which, to the medical contradictions I discussed in the trimester 3 post…how can the range of normal full-term extend to 42 weeks and I still be “past due” if I go past 40?), about how easily I could have missed out on this diagnosis. See, the only number I’ve had an issue with is my fasting blood sugar. When I did my 1-hour test, it was an accident that I went in on an actual 10-12 hour fast. I had meant to eat breakfast beforehand and just didn’t get up in time. Had I gone for that test after getting up early enough for breakfast, or at any point in the day other than 8 a.m., and 2 hours since my last meal, I would not have had an elevated fasting number, and would therefore not have been tagged to go in for the 3-hour test. Looking back, I can’t regret that I was sent for the 3-hour test; for all my skepticism and eye-rolling about my diagnosis, I would always rather have more information than less, and I do believe that having been diagnosed (however borderline my condition) provoked me to be healthier in the last trimester than I might otherwise have been. But it was sheer accident I didn’t slip through the cracks as part of the 15% that the 1-hour test DOESN’T flag even though they have GD.

So it just goes to show…even diligence doesn’t actually catch everything. Sometimes luck or coincidence or whatever you want to call it really does play a role in how things play out.


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