1445 Words of Heaven

I would have titled this post “My Thinking About This Case Had Gotten Way Too Uptight,” except that I’ve already used that line for a post title. (Ironically, I have no idea what story I wrote that one about. I was so obscure I hid the answer even from my future self.)

I actually wrote today, for the first time this year with any amount of success, in part because I was trying to perform some positive procrastination (I am avoiding a sewing project with a deadline of next Saturday) and in part because I just effing felt like writing today. I’ve had a couple breakthroughs on stories in the last couple days, one major and one minor but both new and interesting and applicable right at the point where I had stopped working because I was either a bit stuck for what happened next or a bit bored with just playing out the scene in an expected way.

The “what happens next?” stuck was of long standing – over a year – and a non-romance story I wanted to pick up just to see if I was struggling to write because I was burned out on romance. I read back through everything and found myself obsessing over the corner I had painted my protag into. How did she get herself out of it? I could see no possible way to overcome the constraints of the situation, just as I hadn’t been able to a year ago. The difference was, I had lost any attachment to a particular narrative that might have blinded me back then. This time I let my imagination explore other paths, and the answer came to me within a week. I knew how she got out of the situation (with help rather than on her own), and the consequence of the rescue. Boom. Done. I wrote the opening scene of the newly conceived section this afternoon.

Then I switched tracks to what had been my NaNo project – the romance that I still don’t know much about beyond the ridiculously long prologue. (Seriously. The prologue is over 11,000 words as of today, and I still have about four scenes to write before it’s finished. Ridiculous.) I have gleaned a few glimpses into the hero and heroine later on, but the main arc remains elusive. I am still not sure how to burn down the barn, as it were. I did just make the bonfire a little brighter, though, and laid a reason for one of the subplots later. I wrote about 1100 words on that piece, all prologue, plus a few hundred more in notes and conversation sketches (sadly, all also part of the prologue).

It felt good to write. It feels good to sit here and feel like I accomplished something today. I hope I can do the same tomorrow. We shall see….


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