On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Myself Gave to Me:

A pretty title page

title page

… and a proper back cover description*.

*I had the description written, this was just the presentation. It is going to go at the front of the ebook, because one thing that has come to annoy the hell out of me as an ebook reader is not having the description of the book that made me buy it in the first place anywhere inside the ebook itself. Sometimes I will download a sample, or buy something because it’s on sale or temporarily free, even though I won’t read it right away, and later won’t be able to remember the hook that made me want to read it at all. I don’t tend to do well with books or movies I know nothing about. Not sure why, but I need some idea where the story is going before I will have the patience to let it get there on its own. Yes, I could go look at Amazon, but…that’s an extra step I would not have to take with a physical book that would have the description on the back, which makes me less likely to read that book versus picking one I remember why I downloaded. Ergo…my ebooks will have the description from the sales site at the front, so that someone who bought it months ago and is only now reading can remember why they wanted it in the first place.


Doesn’t it look like the back of a physical book? I figured if I was putting it in, I might as well make it part of the visual interest elements while I was at it.



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5 responses to “On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Myself Gave to Me:

  1. It looks exactly like the back of a paper book. Does it take up a whole page in the Look inside the book feature?

    • I don’t know how the look inside works with ebooks, but it would be a page of the sample (since that takes the first 10-30%), so I assume it would be a page of the look inside, as well. I will put this as the first page after the front cover, almost like you see the front of a book, turn it over to look at the back, and then open up to find the table of contents and text. I plan to define the graphic as 100% width, which should make the image exactly 1 page no matter what the screen size is. Hopefully that works, lol.

    • I can definitively answer this now: yes, the “back cover” is one and only one page of both the look inside and the sample. 🙂

  2. Excellent, Lily. I’m impressed. I’ve had some writers ask me to place book descriptions in the front matter. It hadn’t occurred to me to do a decorative “back cover.” Me likey this idea very much.

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