Friday the Thirteenth

Today is a Friday the 13th, the day the madam of The Honest Courtesan uses as a call to awareness for sex workers’ rights. It’s my chance to state publicly that I believe all sex work, including prostitution, should be decriminalized. The sooner our society leaves off attempting to legislate morality and dictate private, consensual behaviors, the better off all of us will be. And the sooner our legislative bodies and feminist activists stop the infantilizing of adult women by suggesting that we are incapable of making a rational choice to have sex with a particular individual for any reason whatsoever, the safer and more empowered all women in this country will be.



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2 responses to “Friday the Thirteenth

  1. Follow the money.

    There has always been legislation – which means breaking rules – which means fines and threats of jail – and it doesn’t usually go to the sex workers.

    The people who benefit from these are despicable – and it is in their interest to keep things as they are. For some people, the illegality adds a desirable ‘edge’ to the behavior.

    When there is a possibility of true adult consensual behavior, fine. It is still not a great way to live – trading youth, beauty, and acting for money. But it might be an actual choice then.

    • I agree that a lot of the reason vice laws still exist is the money that flows from law enforcement agencies to politicians. What would we do with all our cops and armored cars and DEA drones if the only things illegal were the various forms of assault: theft, kidnapping, rape, beatings, murder. Answer: they would have very little to do and little need of their expensive toys and the privileges against everyone else those toys allow them.

      But I think a lot of it also is social busybodies who lobby for the right and the power to control other people and stop those others from making decisions that the busybodies would not make for themselves and must therefore be wrong and bad and outlawed.

      The closest I have ever come to a personal interest in sex work is writing erotic romance or erotica (not that I’ve published any yet…just things I have started and mean to finish at some point…), but the fact that I don’t have a dog in this hunt is part of the reason I feel it’s important to express dissent about the laws. Until a majority of “normal” people vocally say these laws are an outrage and we do not want them, there will not be an impetus for the government hacks to change them.

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