The Ghosts of NaNo’s Past

I was trying to remember today how many times I have actually tried NaNoWriMo. I knew I tried last year, because the Christmas novel I’m currently prepping for publication started as my NaNo 2012 project, and I knew I had tried the year before, even though I wasn’t sure what I worked on. The main question was, did my Twelfth Night novels started as a NaNo 2010 project?

I went back and read all my posts with a NaNo tag and found reference to 2011 being my first time trying it. The creation date of my working-draft Twelfth Night docs corroborates this: 12/08/10.

Here’s the status of my past NaNo’s:

2011. The novel I had started in September of 2011, that I had thought would be mostly done after NaNo, was eventually finished…in late spring of 2013. Sadly, the 27K I wrote during November 2011 are in the first third of the novel–the part slated for complete rewriting and compression whenever I get around to revising the entire thing.

2012. The Christmas novella (so I thought at the time) turned into an actual novel, crossing 50,000 sometime in the late winter/early spring of 2013. It went through beta readers and a full line edit without needing any serious structural revisions, and will see the light of day at some point before Christmas this year.

So right now I am at 50% on NaNo attempts creating usable prose. Will be interesting to see what comes of the story I’m starting this year.


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