The Night Before NaNo

Why is the night before NaNoWriMo always Halloween? This creates a bitter dilemma for someone like me, who does not write well late at night, loves Halloween, and has a day job. My annual choice is to give up celebrating my favorite holiday or give up November 1st as a writing day, since if I go out the night before I will, inevitably, not be able to wake up early enough that morning to write before work.

At least this year my body solved the conundrum for me: I was fully intending to enjoy at least the early shift of my city’s downtown street party, but by 6:30 I was crashing despite my optimism about the night during my commute home. All I wanted was a warm bath and an early bedtime. I no longer wanted to go out, and at my age I have stopped forcing things I am not in the mood for.

So I decided to look at this as an opportunity rather than a disappointment. I took my bath (with aromatherapy!) and cleaned the house just enough that I won’t be distracted by the mess tomorrow, ate a healthy dinner, and winding down my day with a bit of TV before I hit the mattress at 9 p.m. Eight hours from 9:30 (since I seem to be moving out of the 10-hours-a-night phase) is 0530. Two full, glorious, blissful hours to write before I have to put pants on and drive to the office.

In celebration of my maturity I made myself a poster. Happy All NaNo’s Eve!

secrets of a successful nano


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