How many scenarios does it take to make a story?

Even though I have forbidden myself from writing anything before Friday, I am thinking about the story. It is a relatively new idea (been floating in scenario form since maybe Late July) and totally underdeveloped as a story – all it was was a glorious set-up. This is my fatal flaw as a writer: great scenarios, no idea what to do with them. I have had other “aha” moment breakthroughs where I rifled through my mental file of undeveloped ideas and found one to plug into a story for a twist or a needed depth to the character/conflict/backstory. So I took stock of my current stash of “unmarried” ideas and, lo and behold, found one that plugs in perfectly to the scenario I was already building. Now I have what feels like the bones of a story. Maybe not a full skeleton yet, but at least the backbone and some ribs. I think it will be enough for me to get something going next month.

And in even happier news, I woke up today at 520 unable to sleep any more and not yet (at lunch) feeling ill effects from abbreviated sleep. So I might actually be CAPABLE of a proper nano attempt. Thank the gods of perpetual dreaming and dilettante addiction.


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