NaNo 2013 Prep

I have decided I definitely want to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. Definitely going with the new story, because the other stories going just don’t excite me.

I am hoping that my mental acuity continues to return this week, as it has seemed to be doing for the past fortnight, such that by Friday (at which point I am officially in trimester 2, at week 14) I have my brain and energy mostly back. I feel I should…I am getting bored with sleeping for more than 8 hours at a time, even when I think I need it.

Prep work this year mostly involves me consciously not bothering to write (fiction) until November.

It also involves me hopefully slapping together half my Ren Faire costume this week (which obviously cannot involve a corset this year and so must go in a direction entirely different from anything else in my wardrobe), as well as finishing the spencer jacket I started forever ago that I need for my cover photo shoot, so I don’t have much sewing to distract me in the coming weeks.

It probably should involve me coming up with a better sense of the big story, and I have been contemplating the actual plot (as opposed to the opulent set-up), but to be honest I just don’t know what happens yet. I am getting some inkling but no big moments to start threading together, no definite decisions from any of the characters. I don’t know what my conflagration is yet.

Mostly, at this point, I am pysching myself up to the challenge. I can do this, I will do this, I will enjoy doing this. My mind will be my own again, my body will be compliant, and I will be so obsessed with what I’m writing that I will WANT to keep working on it above all things. It doesn’t matter that I have to start working more hours at my job again because I can’t afford 38 hour weeks anymore; it doesn’t matter that I get exactly 1 day off at Thanksgiving or that my mother in law will be here that last weekend; it doesn’t matter that I lose one weekend to my husband being off and another to the annual Ren Faire expedition; it doesn’t matter that I also have a book to finish prepping for publication this month; none of that matters because if I am *actually* using my time wisely I can write a book around it. I just have to want to badly enough. I just have to try hard enough. I just have to cunt up and DO it.



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5 responses to “NaNo 2013 Prep

  1. ABE

    “none of that matters because if I am *actually* using my time wisely I can write a book around it. I just have to want to badly enough. I just have to try hard enough.”

    I’m hoping you’re right – I have my own challenge coming up – to write 3000 polished, finished words a week from now until forever or the book is finished or I’m no longer with us. I have accepted the challenge – now I just have to figure out how to shorten my ‘process’ by a factor of, oh, about 1000.

    I wish you much luck with the new story. It should be exhilarating.

    • Exhilarating is exactly what i am hoping for, doing nano this way. i really want to just cut loose and see what happens. since i tend to get an overabundance of creativity after a long dry spell, i think this approach might actually work okay in the grand scheme as long as i am actually ready to start writing again (subconsciously speaking…obviously the part i control has been ready for a while!). we’ll see…for now i am just going to enjoy the optimism i am feeling about it šŸ™‚

      I think your goal sounds entirely reasonable – accomplishable with work and focus, but enough of a stretch to be a challenge. My advice (this is based less on novel writing and more on things like…trying to work extra hours on the job, sewing projects, nano attempts, dieting) is to not worry if you don’t meet a weekly goal and just skip that week. Don’t try to make up the words, because that will only put you behind for the new week, which just sets you up to fail for the new week, too. so if you only do 1K one week…so what? the next week is a new week. Clean slate. it’s a much healthier attitude and one less likely to ensure failure than having a huge goal that if you get “behind” on you have to try and make up ground.

  2. “I just have to cunt up and DO it.”

    One monitor spattered with Mountain Dew.

    Add me as a buddy, chica.

    • have i not said that here before? *thinks* oh, that’s right, i was trying to be a lady for my first 2 years of blogging. whoops. cat’s out of that bag….

      so you’re like…expecting me to actually register and get a screen name and stuff? i have never done that side of the nano stuff. let me know if it’s worth it šŸ™‚

      • er…let me know if it would be worth it for me to do. that came out like i won’t sign up you have fun kid when i meant, tell me if there is anything cool there in which case i’ll go sign up. lol

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