Milestones and Choices

My blog hit 20,000 views sometime between my last post and now. That is an astonishing number to me considering this is a platform I started from the ground up – no one had any reason to have heard of me when I put my first post together 2 1/2 years ago, and, frankly, not many of the people who have stumbled onto me or started coming back regularly have any reason to have heard of me even now. I’ve had probably 100 searches (all-time) of people actually looking for me.

Anyway, in personal decision news: I have discovered I’ve got a temporary medical condition that is exhausting me right now (this gives me an entirely new level of respect for your dedication, by the way, Alicia!). Since I can’t predict when it will go away, I have to make plans that revolve around me being in this state of constant exhaustion. Since I am still struggling to write around the edges of my job and my need for 10+ hours of sleep every night, I have given up the idea of publishing Christmas novel and the short that goes with it together. I refuse to not publish a season novel and wait until NEXT year because my production has been decimated. I might not be able to write right now, but by all the gods I can name I can integrate edits, make a cover, and code an ebook. So I’ve decided that rather than trying to force words or wallowing any longer in my depression over the fact that I can’t, I’m going to work on the things I am capable of right now and move on with the main goal, even if the execution will be a compromise from my original vision.

Thanks to all of you who’ve had a hand in my shiny new page view statistic! Ya make me happy.


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2 responses to “Milestones and Choices

  1. ABE

    Many congratulations on the milestone! It is amazing to think that you put stuff out there, and someone comes along and finds it to be exactly a little nugget of something they’d like to read. 20,000 times. Wow.

    I know I’ve enjoyed your posts and learned a lot from them.

    I’m sorry to hear you’re not well – hope it is fixable, and you get back to being more yourself asap. It is frustrating.

    As for me, I think I’d call what I do “sheer pigheadedness.” I honestly don’t know why I keep the nose to a grindstone of my own making. The pleasure of telling a bunch of people (even if they are fictional) exactly what to say and think.

    • I find it amazing, too, even though I’m sure I’ve helped hundreds (thousands?) of other bloggers hit the same milestone so from a consumer perspective it is par for the course. But as the propagator of the nuggets on this site I am quite pleased.

      And as always, I am so glad you find my writing posts useful and illuminating! Sometimes I write to try and think my way out of something, but sometimes it’s because I think of something that should be said about writing, that I haven’t seen said yet. So it’s awesome when someone else finds it a worthwhile perspective!

      As to my condition – I am sure I will talk about it more as I become more familiar with it, but yes, it’s entirely temporary and theoretically entirely reverses after it’s run its course: I’m pregnant.. 🙂

      I personally think it’s amazing that you have chosen to use the bit and blocks of time you have with energy to create something. ESPECIALLY after my own bouts of having energy for nothing beyond my day job and dinner. Maybe it is just stubbornness, but I think that is the quality that separates the people who continue to be artists (of any type) and those who finish a project or two and then abandon the pursuit. Even under normal working conditions the work is sometimes hard, thankless, and seemingly endless. I both love and do not get at all the perspective of writers like Dean Wesley Smith who basically say “if it’s not fun, why are you doing it?” I envy his perspective and like to think that if I didn’t give 60% of my waking time and energy (or, as right now, 90% of my waking time and energy) to a day job that I would have his same happy go lucky attitude and spend 9 hours a day writing and finish novels in weeks rather than months/years. Maybe I would. But in my life circumstances now (current ones aside) there are a lot of days when writing just doesn’t happen whether from energy or emotion or time constraints, and all those interruptions make coming back to a story hard. It’s hard to have to pick up the pieces from where you dropped them last time and work to get back into the flow of things before you even start. So even when i have time and energy and the desire to write, it can be a test of will to actually DO it rather than picking up something that doesn’t require me to concentrate so hard. But yet even with the struggle I love it so much I cry and spiral into a literal depression (or as close as someone like me ever gets) when even the option is taken away from me. So I guess what I’m saying is hello kindred spirit, I tip my hat to your pig’s head. 🙂

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