The Curious Case of Lily in the Bookstore

On Sunday my husband suggested we go to the bookstore. Our weekend guests had just left, we were too tired for a movie, and we had caught up on all our TV. A good day for reading together, he on his couch and me on mine, plus he needed something to read at work this week. So we made the 30-minute trek into the suburbs to the Barnes and Noble closest to us. He offered to buy me a book. I was hoping the witless store employees would have put out Bec McMaster’s newest, My Lady Quicksilver, two days early. I was determined to buy it if so.

I checked the romance section. The book was there, sure enough. I picked it up. And…I put it back. I looked at two other books. I did not bring anything to the counter. I had not realized how thoroughly I have been seduced by ebooks until now. When I read paper books at home, I don’t think about the format. In some ways I prefer them to my iphone Kindle app. But I am a bit of a freak about matching sets. If I start a series in one format I want to complete it in that format. That – and the fact that I was pretty sure I had preordered an ebook copy – kept me from buying Quicksilver. It also kept me from the others, because they were opening series (or at least the loose romance connected characters type of series) and I knew if I liked the first then I would buy the next…in ebook, because going to the bookstore is just that much of an annoyance.

So I am officially an agent of darkness now. I stood in the bookstore and downloaded samples of the books I was considering. And I made myself choose from the unread books already in my library when we got home and started reading. And I waited until midnight Tuesday to get my copy of the McMaster book ( the one drawback of ebook delivery systems – no chance of getting them early!). All hail Sith Lord LeFevre.



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4 responses to “The Curious Case of Lily in the Bookstore

  1. ABE

    I thought you were going to say that the books there made you realize you could do better, and you went home determined to get writing again.

    I have only bought a couple of paper books, through Amazon (because either they were Dummies books, which I like to read in paper, or not available!!! in ebook) over the past year.

    I still don’t know how I feel about that.

    I do know I still want to write.

    • That’s fine. I’ll make up for your lack of purchase with my overpriced purchase of Doctor Sleep in hardback.

      My name is Astrea and I’m a hardback addict.

      • I am addicted to hardbacks from certain authors and/or series…i will probably be getting one this month (republic of thieves) and one next (royal airs) so ebooks haven’t cured me entirely yet! 🙂

    • lol well it did have that effect, as well. or, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it reassured me there both is a market for my style of romance and also that said market is underserved….at least if the bookstore offerings are representative of the entire romance market 🙂

      i think you and i are in agreement to not know how we feel about transitioning so far to ebooks. i mean, story is still story and story was always the point. but i admit to some nostalgia for paper. and i still want to write too, paper or no.

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