1000 x 1000

I realized while driving to work today that I have published somewhere in the range of a million words to the web. Obviously not all (most?) of them are here, but across the years and various blogs I have either run or contributed to, I have written at least 1,000 thousand-word* essays, reviews, or rants. *A lot of pieces are shorter. Some are longer. The total of pieces in reality is well over a thousand. Averaged out my production would be about 1000×1000.

It shocked me, to be honest.

I passed the magical one million word mark for this particular type of writing without fanfare, without noticing, without even sparing a thought to it. After all, it’s just blogging…right?

But since I am applying for a web-writing job in the real world, there is no “just” qualifying the experience. It is a useful and impressive statistic.

I should add it to my business cards: Lily LeFevre, masterblogger.



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2 responses to “1000 x 1000

  1. ABE

    Blabbermouth! (said with affection) 🙂

    Thanks for contributing to what I get to read.

    • If the shoe fits… 🙂 I will never be one of those writers who blog because they think they should; I blog because I am, apparently, pathologically incapable of keeping my mouth shut.

      You are quite welcome! Thank YOU for always having interesting and encouraging comments!

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