7.34 Percent

I have 1101 words written on what is intended to be a novelette of about 15,000 words. It’s a companion piece to the Christmas story–it is the inciting incident, if you will, and the story I originally intended to write, until I realized there was no story there besides the inciting incident–so I know the primary players and essentially what happens.

I have known the first paragraph for months now, and the ending for even longer. What I haven’t known was how to navigate between them. While my muse was on his recent coked-up tear through the brothel of my imagination he stumbled into the room where this story languished, waiting for his custom, and gave me an opening onto the hero that I hadn’t seen before and a tool that can be used thematically.

All that is left now is to figure out how many times the hero needs to meet the heroine before he can accept his final disposition with grace, and then to write it out.

Lucky for me this is a story that should have no subplots and very little necessary unnecessary details (by which I mean…details that are not necessary to that scene but are necessary to have at some point in the course of a novel), due to it being not even a novella in (projected) length, and those details tend to be what hang me up.

If I can just keep up my rather leisurely pace of 500 words per morning before work, I can be finished by the time I am done stressing out about costumes, and be able to resume novel-writing when I have more time again.

Or maybe I will get hung up on the shoals of the mushy middle in about 4,000 more words, or one week of writing, and move on to something else. Eventually I shall finish them all.

One muse to dream them all

One muse to hoard them

One muse to plan them all

And in the mornings write them

In the land of romance, where the fires lie.

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