Right now my attention is split so many different places that my brain feels like a prism. No notion if this is a good way or a bad way to feel: I can’t spare the time and attention to think about it.

Some of this is just my life, some of it is a self-imposed distraction that goes away in a month (to be replaced with something else?). I recently got a promotion at work and am settling out my new duties, so that is requiring more brain than my job had been. I am frantically sewing for DragonCon (this is the project that has a finite ending). So does film festival screening, though that had already dropped off my attention – just when it’s done I won’t feel guilty for not helping more. I am trying to lose weight, starting off with dieting (for about 2 months now) but at my age I can barely manage a deficit that leads to 1# per week IN THEORY, and in practice it’s even harder. So somewhere I have to find another hour to spend working out/cleaning up after. I am still working (slowly – at this point page by page) in my line edits. I am still writing, but finding it impossible to focus on just one piece.

No wonder, I suppose, given that my hyperfocus is engaged by the costuming and my self-discipline is consumed by a 1200-calories per day limit. So instead of slowly working on just one book as I find corners of time, I am working actively on 3…plus my imagination has decided it would be fun to add three new stories to the TBW pile in my head, all of them unconnected from one another and from anything else I have written.

On the bright side, at least two of the three stories I have chosen to write on are (1) in the fun opening phase where the going is easy and (2) short pieces – one is supposed to be a novelette, the other a novella – so hopefully they will be easier to finish than the full novel. Which is again snagged.

So goes the life of someone with ADD and creative ADD. Essentially…this is why I am neglecting my blog, something had to go and that was the lucky thing that drew short straw.


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