What she said

I haven’t talked about the “scandal” this week of JK Rowling being outed as Robert Galbraith, because I don’t really talk news here. But I wanted to point out Kris Rusch’s post on the topic, because she had a perspective I hadn’t considered – that of what publishing’s reaction says about them. I had been looking at the incident with both my writerly and my privacy-obsessed citizen glasses on. My thinking about this case, you could say, had gotten way too uptight.

I feel sorry for Rowling. I absolutely understand the desire to be taken…without bias as a writer. When I first hit publish on my novellas, self-publishing was not quite respectable yet, though it was getting there. I caught a little of the bias against it from reviewers, a bias I expect I will not experience with my next publication. All I wanted was my work to be read with the same open mind any reviewer would give to a legacy pub book, which sometimes I got and sometimes I did not.

Rowling’s name is polarizing. She cannot write under her own name and be taken without bias. The idea that she was outed for sales or money is absurd – she doesn’t need it. She just wants to write, and have the book be taken on its own terms, not those associated with her name.

Anyway, Kris touches on that point, too, so I won’t go further with it. But go read her post for a level-headed look at this situation.


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