Editing Stat’s and Observations

Did not finish edits in one day. Realized about an hour in that doing it straight through was impossible. Did three one-hour sessions and got 40% of the manuscript done.

Speed is about 15 pages an hour, so a little faster than expected.

Making more changes than I really expected, but fewer than I feared. Finding it pretty easy to divorce my attention from the story and focus just on the words.

Haven’t run out of pink ink yet.

So far only three actual typos found.

All in all, my feelings about my editorial skill set can be summed up thusly:




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4 responses to “Editing Stat’s and Observations

  1. ABE

    Believe it or not, I can get into that position at my age (63).

    And you definitely still have it if you got 40% done in three hours. I am wowed.

    • I couldn’t get into that position when I was a cheerleader, much less now, lol. So if you still got it at 63…well, *I* am impressed too 🙂

      40% of a 52K story that has had the obvious offenders already removed. Is that fast? I can’t tell. By page count it is moving faster than I had expected. I am averaging probably 3-5 corrections per page. This is final tinkering on a final draft of a short novel from a deliberate writer. I don’t know how quickly line edits are supposed to move but if there are optimal conditions i think these are it…

      Thanks for the cheerleading on this one!

  2. ABE

    It’s Saturday – I’m cheerleading again. Hope it’s going well – you had a great start.

    As to the position – I hadn’t done anything like than since I was a teen – so I credit the last two years of yoga exclusively.

    The kind of editing you’re doing – final tinkering on a final draft – belies the effort required. Still finding corrections needed could be good – these are the little things you were mentally saving for the last draft – for a whole-book consistency. I hope to get to that stage soon.

    • “these are the little things you were mentally saving for the last draft ”

      Yes. That’s exactly what these are. The places where my brain said “put an adverb in there, you can decide later if you need it or if there’s a better verb” and “who cares if there’s a clear antecedent, you know what ‘it’ is” and then also the places where I let conversation flow too long without grounding it back in either the world or the characters, and the places when I used the same word 3 times when it’s really a once-per-work kind of word, and the places I didn’t bother to clean up repetitious statements because that’s what edits are for….

      Yeah. There are lots of little moments. I am curious to see what % of the work changes. I am going to keep track of that when I put all the changes into my computer file because i am a stat’s freak like that.

      I am sure you will get to this point soon! Just keep plugging away as you find the energy!

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