111 Pages; Over/Under on My Finding 111 Problems?

That is the final page tally on my editing layout for the novel. I went old school with font and size, back to my university rhetoric & comp (AKA editing) course, when I was trying to fit as many words into 4 pages as possible without it looking too cramped – Garamond 10 point, with .75 margins. I am also hoping that the look of the pages will bring back my associative memories of that time in my life, when I was more ruthless with my own words than I was with anyone else’s.

If I put in a normal work day of 8 hours, I would have to process 13 pages an hour to finish in one day. If I work 10 hours, I would have to do 11 pages an hour. I…think that’s sustainable? I have memories of spending 20-30 minutes per 4-5 page essay for my class, and that included having to read the piece through cold and gather my macro-level thoughts on it, as well as the line editing. So I would think that 11 pages per hour is not unreasonable.

And that is if (and only if) I find a ton of corrections to make. I don’t know if I expect to or not. I have read through this front to back a couple times and knocked out the worst of the clunky phrases and echoing words. I know the continuity issues are resolved, and my beta-reader-feedback-prompted changes are incorporated. So this is about tightening, fine-tuning, making my words so on point they draw blood.

On the other hand, a lack of obvious flaws might make it harder for me to see those sentences that really are sub-par writing. There is a point when the low-hanging fruit have all been plucked, and that’s where my words are now. Maybe I won’t be able to just breeze through correcting the misplaced only’s and dangling modifiers, because those are all gone already. Maybe the reason editing those class papers went at 11 pages an hour was because I was making the words correct, not making aesthetic judgments about them.

I don’t know how this adventure is going to go. But I’ve got a new pink pen and a cabinet full of tea. As Al Bundy would say, Let’s rock.

xmas edits



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2 responses to “111 Pages; Over/Under on My Finding 111 Problems?

  1. ABE

    Keep a record of progress – pages/hour – so you can see how it’s going.

    It might help to also determine when you’re getting too tired – the page count will slip.

    After sharing all the questions, it would be nice if you also shared some of the answers – not on your editing time, of course.

    Hope it goes well – and beware of getting sucked in by your own prose. You wrote it the way you did because that’s the way you like and want it – so also ENJOY!

    • Keeping stat’s was a great idea! I noted start and stop times on each of the three sessions. Put up some initial thoughts, will follow up once I’m done and can look at that whole process in hindsight as well. 🙂

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