In the End, Does It Even Matter?

Found my way through the first patch of fog on the river, at any rate. One of my regular commenters (hi, ABE! Kiss kiss) pointed out that if the scene didn’t matter to the end of the book, maybe it didn’t need to be there. Surely, I thought, the hero taking his new wife to meet his family for the first time must in some way influence the story as a whole. I just had to figure out how. I think it is an expository section about the hero, showing how young he really is and how little he considers the larger picture of his life when he acts. Also his family does not approve of her, and I think entirely too few romances address in a realistic way familial reservations about a partner or potential partner. Now that I have a slight shape for what happens on the visit, it gives me some insight into who his family members are, personality wise, which gives me what I need to keep writing blind. As evidenced by writing 1200 words in one sitting last night after figuring the direction out at lunch.


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