A Strategic Victory I Almost Overlooked

I had occasion today to read back through a correspondence I had with another writer a few months ago. The context was why I started with Regency romance (as opposed to a time period I am less familiar with or a fantasy setting I would have to make up), and my comment was that I wanted to focus on something I knew “until I could set a pattern of finishing things.”

It occurred to me as I read those words that…I feel like I have hit the point where finishing is no longer a question. It might have taken me close to two years to get to this point, but I have written two novels (that still feels great to say!) and feel much more confident in my ability to keep a project under control and pointed at that end zone.

Finishing is no longer a state of being I look upon with despair for never knowing it. For that, I am proud of myself. I have accomplished at least my first goal as a novelist.

Finishing DFL is always better than being the DNF.

Now I just have to make a habit of not being dead fucking last….



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4 responses to “A Strategic Victory I Almost Overlooked

  1. ABE

    Another thing indies have to do for themselves: Celebrate!

    Put on your agent hat, and your publisher hat, and give yourself a party.

    Write it down in the ‘good things’ journal.

    Not a bad position to be in. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Ha! Yes, no one else is going to throw me a release party or a finished the first draft or finished the edits on time party. I haven’t consulted my calendar of things to remember but I know one of them was to step back and look at what I have achieved rather than focusing on what I still want to do. Getting to a point where I no longer wonder if I can or will finish anything is a really big tipping point for me, even if it’s not a big showy achievement I can point to out of context and impress anyone with. 🙂

      Thanks for the reminder about perspective! And I hope you get there soon. Just keep writing the next sentence….

  2. Sara

    So like, how are you “DFL?” Contest?

    • Euphemistically only. I use the DFL>DNF to remind myself that finishing beats not finishing, even if it taks forever to finish. I let myself strain metaphors to the breaking point on a regular basis…. There is no race, other than against hypothetical alternate universe versions of myself. I just don’t want to work at a pace that would put me in last place if I were racing against anyone 🙂

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