Searches and Spam

“The film’s scandal centred mostly on an anal sex scene featuring the use of butter as a lubricant.”

I wish I knew what film the spam-bot was referring to – it sounds arthouse rather than pornographic. I, however, know better than to run a search on “anal sex with butter” even WITH a boolean “not pornography” addendum.

File these following searches under Came To The Right Place:

  • human squid porn
  • i hate this means war/hated the ending of this means war movie
  • primogeniture in history and story
  • intj romance
  • intj female characters
  • intj female existence
  • intj women one in a billion
  • where are all the intj women

File these search terms under Come Back Later, I Guarantee I Will Address This Eventually

  • bad faith sex scenes
  • romance novel with masturbation heroine
  • red riding hood romance novel

 And file these under Not Sure How You Ended up Here at All, But Thanks for the Laugh

  • scapegoating and negative energy dumping
  • why romance is pointless
  • hotasex
  • naughty girls with knickers taken down


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2 responses to “Searches and Spam

  1. Last Tango in Paris, good movie.

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