Nerd-goggles Or Intentional Game of Thrones Reference? You Decide!

So I came across this little dialogue gem in a Christmas story anthology I bought back in December and have only just gotten around to reading (what? I was waiting till I finished my own so as to avoid inspiration creep!):

i am a greyjoy

For those of you who cannot read the text picture (and, of course, for internet searchability of this outstanding moment in literature), the retort from one lady to another is “How kind, but I do not sew.”

Allow me to slip my cloak on for a moment and remind everyone reading that the House Greyjoy motto from Game of Thrones is “We do not sow.” They say this because they are pirates, and they take everything they need from other men (iron price! That means blood! Because blood has iron in it!). Not making this up. Observe their commendably vaginal sigil:

my sigil has been commended as being highly vaginal

So my question to the readers is this: was that line in the book italicized to emphasize the girl’s militant severity on the subject of not sewing, or was it italicized to acknowledge that, yes, I, the author, DID just make a Game of Thrones reference?

We may never know the answer to these questions. But I, for one, prefer to see the world through my nerd-goggles and believe that the pun was intentional. We do not sew. Perhaps that could be the motto for House LeFevre…except, oh, wait, I do sew, and rather frequently at that. Alas. My motto would, instead, have to be something like “We always mask” or “Logic first.”

Logic first. Yes, I like that. It is suitably INTJ-ish.


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