Mapping the Year

Back in early January, when I was pointedly not making resolutions, I did write out a list of dreams that would be a stretch to hit but not impossible if I worked diligently and committedly to meeting them. I revisited the list this morning to see what it contained, and if I could cross anything off yet. No, but ll the goals still seem attainable. Depending on how this weekend goes in terms of creative output, I might not even be “behind schedule.”

If I can stick to my schedule even 75% of the way, this year will be the true start of my publishing career. True start meaning multiple publications at a professional quality (of product, not content) with planning put into release schedule and author branding, as opposed to the best efforts of an amateur experimenting to see if I could and to see what came of it.

I don’t regret publishing my 12th Night novellas nearly 2 years ago. That was the beginning of my journey, and every path has to start somewhere. Taking that step forced me to learn and grow and figure out a plan. I am only sorry it will have taken me two years or more to finish and publish anything else. But that was how life went, and I refuse to look behind me with regret. I learned from all of it. I learned an invaluable lesson about not assuming you can produce “on schedule” and waiting till several pieces are in hand to move forward.

That lesson is why even getting a C on the year will make this the real launch of my writing. 75% is still multiple publications…it’s just not multiple pub’s AND half of next year’s drafted. đŸ™‚

Now, about those goals for the weekend….


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