This Book Is Turning Into The Return of the King, PJ Style

Because it’s becoming the book with a dozen endings!  Obviously I thought I had reached a fine conclusion some 6900 words ago, and I just passed up another rather lovely one tonight. I do have an end point in mind, and it is, if not the equivalent of Sam returning to Rosie after seeing Frodo to the Grey Havens, at least the peer of all of them returning to the Shire after the big adventure (minus The Scouring, just like PJ’s movie!).

I am really not sure how I’m going to feel about the denouement until I’ve written it all out and then come back to reading it with a critical eye. I think I picked the right ending this time. But I guess it really is like obscenity–I’ll know it when I see it.

In the meantime, yay for this crossing the no-man’s land of “technically a novel but it still feels like a novella” into category romance length. That will make it easier to stand alone. And it helps make the decision for them to do it on page a bit easier, since it’s more important in novels and more context-dependent for novellas.

And I guess tomorrow morning it will be back to Tuesdays like Joan Wilder. My kind of morning. Now if I can just get rid of the day job….


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