Sick Days and Homecomings

I had kind of a nice sick day today. I don’t have the kind of job where I frivolously miss work; vacations involve working 10-12 hour days for a couple days on either side of them, as do holidays when the business is closed. So I only stay home or leave work without advance planning when I am really sick.

I had mild food poisoning today (I am sure because husband was also sick, and we went out last night and shared dishes) – enough to force me home at lunch but not bad enough to consume my mind today. So I spent it pleasurably finishing a book I started on Sunday and then going back into my Christmas story to start the revised ending.

After I got my first reader report, I spent some time contemplating how best to resolve the family plot threads, and decided that I had been wrong to think the wedding was the epilogue to a story that ended with the proposal.  No.  The story ends with the wedding (and I doubt there will be an epilogue), and the space between the proposal and the wedding is where the denouement with the family happens.

I didn’t really intend to pick this up today–the plan was a full week of reading gluttonously, mindlessly, exclusively, to recover from pushing so hard to finish the book and then finish a costume–but when I found myself with a freebie afternoon, my writing muscles twitched. They wanted to be used. Lightly, with no pressure for results, just enjoyment of the act. So I got one scene down.  Enough to start setting up the rest of what will happen.  Enough to convince me the instinct to bridge the gap rather than re-work how things came together was right.

And picking up the story again after a full two weeks away felt like coming home. It was nice.

So, all in all, I can’t say that I completely mind whoever didn’t wash their hands in the kitchen last night infecting me. At least until, that is, I have to go in from 6-6 tomorrow just to get caught up. But today? Today turned out to be kind of awesome.


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