There Will Be No White Flag Above My Head

Nano 2012 turned out to be an epic fail. I accomplished exactly none of my three goals, nor did I break 50K.  I didn’t even come particularly close–final word count was around 20K, give or take a few notes I had written before officially starting.

At least I still have the seasonal motivation to keep me focused on the story at hand. I would like to put it up at least the Wednesday before Christmas, as long as I feel it’s in good shape with respect to polishing and sanding. This may turn out to be a pre-write for next year’s holiday season…remains to be seen.

A novella can’t be that hard to finish. I’ve done it twice already. So there. Now if I can just lure my muse out from under the desk to help me bag a few 5,000-word days instead of the 500-word days I’ve been pulling on my own, we’ll be in business.  I wonder if he likes port?  Perhaps I can lure him like one of my heroes with the promise of sweet red highly alcoholic vino….


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