…Because Why Wouldn’t You Look It Up If It’s Right There?

Or, I love the internet post #573

I just decided to check up on the phases of the moon in December 1814. Because, I mean, if it’s right there why wouldn’t you take 20 seconds to look? I guess it doesn’t really matter if you say the moon was full at Christmas and it wasn’t, but it’s pretty lazy not to at least check and take that artistic license. No reader is ever going to know you took the time to do that research…but doing it obviates the potential for exposure if you didn’t.

While I was at it I checked the weather for that season. Much more difficult to find out–every article I saw talked about the extreme weather events bracketing the winter in question. But you can extrapolate a decent amount from an utterly unnoteworthy winter, too. That was five minutes well spent.

And I never had to get up from my desk. Oh, interwebs, I do love thee so.


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