If Lena Dunham Were More Honest About Either Sex or Politics

Or, Why I’m Voting for Gary Johnson

If Lena Dunham were more honest about either sex or politics, her appalling confessional about voting for the first time would have gone a little more like this:

“What no one ever tells you about your first time is what a let-down it will inevitably be.  You build it up in your mind like it’s going to be some grand, romantic, life-changing event…something that will make you feel different, better, more sophisticated. It won’t be that way. You’ll find, when the time comes to make that choice, that your options are limited. You pick a guy you sort of like some things about, and even though there’s a lot that you don’t like, you know he’s the best you’re going to get this time, so you go ahead and you go through with it. You give him that place in your life, of being your one and only first. And when it’s over, you don’t really feel any different. You don’t feel that great about what you just did. You’re still the same confused, scared kid you were going in, only this time you’re left standing on the other side wondering, Is that it? Is that all there is to it?

It’s true what they say, that with time comes experience and with experience comes knowledge. You get older. You try it a couple more times with guys you only sort of like. And then you say, No. Enough’s enough. I have more self-respect than this. I deserve more than this. I deserve someone who sees the world the way I do, who I have more than a couple things in common with, and who I don’t disagree with on more than a couple issues. I deserve to experience this with someone I can be passionate about. Someone I can believe in. Someone who won’t let me down.”

And that, fair readers, is why I will be voting for Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party, this year. This is my third Presidential election cycle, and both of my other two votes have gone to candidates I viewed as the lesser of two evils. This time, I’m not voting for someone I consider only slightly less awful than the other guy. I am not voting to cancel out the vote of someone I disagree with. I’m voting with my heart, for a man who stands for almost all of the same things I do, who has pragmatic and specific proposals to act on those beliefs, and who has a voting record that supports his claim that he would actually make good on his promises.

I don’t care that he will not win. What I care about is no longer compromising my political beliefs.

I know many people would claim I am throwing my vote away, but I disagree. Throwing my vote away is giving it to a candidate I don’t even like, but simply fear less than the other guy. Perhaps this election is special simply because both candidates offend so many of the beliefs I am most passionate about, that while there is a difference between them, it is only which part of my self to betray if I were to support one over the other.

I am done feeling dirty and ashamed after walking from the voting booth. I will vote with my heart, and walk out with my head high and my conscience clear.

Republicans…you should have gone with Ron Paul.



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2 responses to “If Lena Dunham Were More Honest About Either Sex or Politics

  1. b.h.quinn

    I may not agree with who you’re voting for, but I wish that everyone had the outlook and perception about voting that you do. Honestly, I don’t care if someone believes differently from me in most issues, as long as they believe in something and act on those beliefs instead of just voting for the guy that they like more based on a few ads and misconceptions.

    I don’t believe that you’re throwing your vote away. It sounds like you’re really voting for the first time instead of hoping that you’ll get something that you like out of whichever guy you dislike least. It’s great to hear.

    • Word. That was well said, and I wish everyone who voted were to vote this way instead of voting on a single issue or to avert an immediate disaster. In the end all that does is let the slow disaster creep on closer. 🙂

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