NaNoWriMo Update 1: WTF, Muse

So…I really wasn’t sure how NaNoWriMo was going to work out for me this time, what with being in the midst of a giant cosplay build for the weekend of November 10 that I kind of assumed would be taking 99% of my spare time until it was over.

Nonetheless, not to start out with a 10-day deficit, I decided to go ahead and write in the mornings before work Thursday and Friday and to start my weekend of costume-making frenzy off with some morning pages.

I thought I’d see if something different could get me back in the writing groove, since I’ve been lost in the Fire Swamp battling lightning sand and R.O.U.S.’s (they totally exist) otherwise known as the end of my novel. Thus I started the Christmas novella.

You guys…oh, my God, you guys. I have banged out close to 10,000 words so far.

My daily average is 2355 words right now.

I can’t stop thinking about these characters. I can’t stop finding things to write. I am abandoning my cosplay to write, and I never abandon costumes at crunch-time for anything (seriously…ask my husband how much attention he gets in the last week before a big masked event).

I think my muse is on X right now. Or speed. He took some kind of ridiculous upper and is going monkeyballs crazy dryhumping my imagination, NPH in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle style.

This development has caught me utterly by surprise. I expected to get a little work done this week, enough that I didn’t feel too terribly behind on the 11th when it’s finally time for me to focus on writing, but this…this is a godsend.

I can’t even care that what I’m behind on now is my costume, because it just feels so frakking good to be writing again, and to be loving the act of writing again, and to be making myself giddy and shrieking with laughter at my own cleverness again. It’s…been a while since I felt this feeling, the feeling that reminds me why I love to do this in the first place, that I don’t just love the product but also the process.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.



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2 responses to “NaNoWriMo Update 1: WTF, Muse

  1. Aw. Happy-giddy is cute on you. Now I wanna know what the costume is, though.

    • Ha! thanks. đŸ™‚

      Costume is Quaithe from Game of Thrones. Well, her mask, anyway. The dress was lame so I’m making one of Inara’s from Firefly to wera with the mask. It’s been a commplicated process of making (and then painting) tiles and sewing them to a piece of fabric. I’ll finish it for Mardi Gras. I’ve given up getting more than halfway there for Ren Faire, but I will have a wearable half-mask, and, really, since the point of faire is gluttony it will go better for me if I have my mouth uncovered anyway. Win win.

      Because if I fail to do something because I’m writing? ALWAYS A WIN.

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