2300 Words Can Change Everything

One game-changing (for the hero) scene down, one to go. 

I’m quite pleased with how this one turned out.  Quite pleased. It’s a nice feeling, since an awful lot of the words I’ve written lately have come out with the ease of pulled teeth and have been about as comfortable to look at afterward. I can always fix them later, so I’ve focused on just plowing forward, but it’s nice to feel good about a section I’ve put to bed.

I’m also pretty excited to move onward and see exactly how the other all-important scene plays out. I have about three versions of it outlined, and I don’t yet know which one (or a different one yet) will be the exact string of events when it comes down to writing them in long-form.

But for now, the day’s writing is done. I don’t think I can top that number, certainly I can’t top that quality, and, well, football’s about to come on.  Time to crack a beer and cheer for my team. And all the other SEC teams. And drool over Herbie.

Lily out.


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