Harbingers of Fall

Kirk Herbstreit is popping up in the search terms used to find me again. Must be football season! I am always happy to learn that I am not the only person who appreciates a modern dandy.

Starbucks’pumpkin spice latte is back. The daiquiri and smoothie shops will no doubt have a version in the next week or two, as well, and – if they bring it back – one of the flavored coffee creamers has a good pumpkin  sometimes.

The movies either out or due out in the next few weeks have suddenly gone from summer popcorn lowest common denominator fare to interesting- to amazing-looking films. Topping my see list are lawless (because of John Hillcoat), Looper (looks awesome and I dig Rian Johnson and Bruce and JGL), The Master because Paul Thomas Anderson is the best director working right now), and The Cloud Atlas (which just looks awesome, visually, and seems like a good sweeping epic sf film and we haven’t had one of those in ages).

The weather hasn’t started to change yet in terms of heat, but there are now moments when the summer suddenly feels finite. A nip to the air, a dryness, a change…..


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