Fun With Statistics – September Style

Labor Day was a good and productive time for me: 4380 words of forward progress today. 1065 words yesterday, and 1461 on Saturday.

My word count is up over 117,000, but that is including the dead words of a subplot that is going to be cut and an opening that is going to be compressed. In real terms it’s probably about 100,000.

Long, either way, and longer by a third than I expected this story to be when I started writing it. Oops.

Here’s the fun bit: I am about to start the climax. Like the next time I sit down to write–which will damn sure not be yet tonight, as my brain is mush and words no longer make sense to me–I will be writing one of the two most powerful (in my opinion) scenes of the book. It’s one I haven’t even let myself sketch out in conversation, because I want to be able to write it in the moment, with the visceral fear and adrenaline all angled properly into the right set-up, because I just have this feeling that writing a scene of mortal terror is going to be intense enough that I only get one time through it with those emotions on tap. I am happy to tweak it later, when I’m out of the zone, but the writing of it? One-shot deal.

After that I get back to scenes that are half-written in advance. Things will wrap up faster without the unnecessary villain.  I don’t have an ETA. End of the week if I can remember when my alarm is going off at 4 just what it is I want to get up and write.

Looking like I won’t have anything but my roughest rough draft done by my one year deadline, though. C’est la vie.

Already thinking about which novella to tackle during the rewrite/beta read/editing process. Have not come to any fast decision yet.

All in all I feel like this right now:


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